Teaching and Advising

Courses Taught

  • African American Religious History (Graduate and Undergraduate)
  • African American Women and Religion (Graduate and Undergraduate)
  • American Religious Utopias and Communal Experiments (Graduate)
  • Black Gods and Utopian Visions (Graduate)
  • Black Women in America
  • Catholics in America
  • “Cult” Controversies in America
  • Evangelicalism in America
  • Gods of the City: Religion in New York
  • Introduction to African American History and Culture
  • Paradigms in Feminist Inquiry: Black Feminism in the Americas (Graduate)
  • Race and Religion in America
  • Religion and American Film
  • Religion and the Civil Rights Movement
  • Religion in American Society
  • Religion in Twentieth-Century American History and Culture (Graduate)
  • Religion, Space, and Place in America (Graduate)
  • Religious Visual and Material Culture
  • Visual and Material Cultures of American Religions (Graduate)
  • Women and Religion in America

Current Graduate Advisees

Kimberly Akano (Religion in America and African American Studies)

Mélena Laudig (Religion in America and African American Studies)

Dissertations Advised

Eden Consenstein, “”Religion at Time Inc.: From the Beginning of Time to the End of Life” (2022)

Ahmad Greene-Hayes, “Gods of the Flesh: Religion, Sexuality, and Circum-Caribbean Migration in Black New Orleans, 1900-1940” (2021)

Andrew Walker-Cornetta,  “Spiritual Rehabilitation: Religion and Cognitive Disability in Postwar America” (2020)

Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada, “Lifeblood of the Parish: Men and Catholic Practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn” (2018)

Irene (Beth) Stroud, “A Loftier Race: American Liberal Protestants and Eugenics, 1870-1929” (2018)

Leslie Ribovich, “Moral Education in Devotion’s Wake: A History of Teaching Religion, Morality, and Race in 1950s and 1960s New York City Public Schools” (2017)

Vaughn A. Booker, “‘Is That Religion?’ The Jazz Profession and Afro-Protestant Cultural Representation” (2016)

Rachel Beth Gross, “Objects of Affection: The Material Religion of American Jewish Nostalgia” (2014)

Ryan P. Harper, “A Sort of Homecoming: The Gaithers and Southern Gospel into the Twenty-First Century” (2013)

Rachel McBride Lindsey, “A Communion of Shadows: Vernacular Photography and the Material Archives of Nineteenth-Century American Religion” (2012)

Postdoctoral Mentoring

Eziaku Nwokocha, Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University (2020-2022)