Teaching and Advising

Courses Taught

  • African American Religious History (Graduate and Undergraduate)
  • African American Women and Religion (Graduate and Undergraduate)
  • American Religious Utopias and Communal Experiments (Graduate)
  • Black Gods and Utopian Visions (Graduate)
  • Black Women in America
  • Catholics in America
  • “Cult” Controversies in America
  • Evangelicalism in America
  • Gods of the City: Religion in New York
  • Introduction to African American History and Culture
  • Paradigms in Feminist Inquiry: Black Feminism in the Americas (Graduate)
  • Race and Religion in America
  • Religion and American Film
  • Religion and the Civil Rights Movement
  • Religion in American Society
  • Religion in Twentieth-Century American History and Culture (Graduate)
  • Religion, Space, and Place in America (Graduate)
  • Religious Visual and Material Culture
  • Visual and Material Cultures of American Religions (Graduate)
  • Women and Religion in America

Current Graduate Advisees

Kimberly Akano (Religion in America and African American Studies)

Mélena Laudig, “‘Her Country’s Children’: African American Religion and Childhood in Slavery and Freedom” (dissertation in progress)

Dissertations Advised

Eden Consenstein, “Religion at Time Inc.: From the Beginning of Time to the End of Life” (2022)

Ahmad Greene-Hayes, “Gods of the Flesh: Religion, Sexuality, and Circum-Caribbean Migration in Black New Orleans, 1900-1940” (2021)

Andrew Walker-Cornetta,  “Spiritual Rehabilitation: Religion and Cognitive Disability in Postwar America” (2020)

Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada, “Lifeblood of the Parish: Men and Catholic Practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn” (2018)

Irene (Beth) Stroud, “A Loftier Race: American Liberal Protestants and Eugenics, 1870-1929” (2018)

Leslie Ribovich, “Moral Education in Devotion’s Wake: A History of Teaching Religion, Morality, and Race in 1950s and 1960s New York City Public Schools” (2017)

Vaughn A. Booker, “‘Is That Religion?’ The Jazz Profession and Afro-Protestant Cultural Representation” (2016)

Rachel Beth Gross, “Objects of Affection: The Material Religion of American Jewish Nostalgia” (2014)

Ryan P. Harper, “A Sort of Homecoming: The Gaithers and Southern Gospel into the Twenty-First Century” (2013)

Rachel McBride Lindsey, “A Communion of Shadows: Vernacular Photography and the Material Archives of Nineteenth-Century American Religion” (2012)

Postdoctoral Mentoring

Eziaku Nwokocha, Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University (2020-2022)